We ask our friends around the world as we pray for those who have been affected by the devastating earthquake in Nepal.

We are grateful that none of the families of our Nepali Gurkha security crew onboard the Africa Mercy in Madagascar were harmed,  although some report damage to their homes.  We pray that God will protect them from any further aftershocks and for the ongoing massive humanitarian efforts currently under way in their nation.

To date, Mercy Ships crew and staff have raised over $20K amongst themselves which is being directed to the relief work in Nepal.

Since 2005 Mercy Ships has employed Gurkha trained professionals to ensure 24/7 security and safety for patients and crew onboard our ships.  The Gurkhas serving onboard the Africa Mercy leave their families at home in Nepal for many months at a time in order to serve.

Historically the Gurkhas are known for their bravery and strength and are characterized by courage, loyalty, self-sufficiency, physical strength, resilience, orderliness, the ability to work hard for long periods of time, fighting tenacity and military strategy. They serve around the world providing security for ships in foreign ports and consulates.