By the time Juste was 4, the lump was bigger than a golf ball. But despite the cyst, Juste remained strong, fearless, funny and carefree. But Elizabeth worried what other kids would do to him at school.

“You know how cruel kids can be,” she said. Soon Elizabeth felt she was out of options—except for prayer. “I prayed…and soon after, I heard about Mercy Ships.”

Renewed Hope

With renewed hope, Elizabeth brought Juste to the Africa Mercy to be examined by our surgeons. They were concerned that his condition could be serious, and said they needed more testing before they could decide on a treatment. For Elisabeth, the wait was difficult. But soon our surgeons found a solution that would be simpler to treat, and Juste was approved for surgery.


Stronger Than Ever

Once the cyst was removed, Juste’s carefree nature came back full force. He was stronger and happier than ever. Elizabeth was delighted to bring him home to an eager family.

“Overwhelmed with joy, my husband got down on his knees…and thanked God for healing our son through Mercy Ships,” she said.

Now, Juste is thrilled to go back to school with the other kids. He told Elizabeth,

“I will become president!” Everyone believes he could¬ -but his first accomplishment is to tackle kindergarten.