Children in his village loved to run and play games. They spend hours chasing each other and laughing. But four-year-old Pierre always sat alone, dreaming of a day when he could join them. He could barely walk.

Twisted, windswept legs threatened his future

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Floating Hospital Changes Lives

When Pierre’s mother heard that our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, was docking in a nearby port, she finally felt hope for her son. Onboard the floating hospital, volunteer doctors and nurses pay their own way to provide life-changing, free surgeries. There was finally an opportunity for Pierre to receive what his mother could only hope and pray for—surgery.

“For his age, Pierre was one of the worst cases [of windswept legs] I have seen,” said Stefanie Neeb, a volunteer nurse.

Our dedicated doctors performed the orthopedic surgery Pierre needed to repair his legs. And during his months of rehabilitation, the enthusiastic little boy never lost his bright smile or fighting spirit. After years of waiting, Pierre has a brighter future, and life.

One surgery. An entirely new life.

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