meet Tresor

Country: Cameroon
Age: 4
Surgery: Eye Care

Tresor was developing cataracts.

Larissa’s heart broke when she learned the news. “I felt like a part of me was dying because I know sight is one of the most important things in life,” recalls Larissa.

The family couldn’t afford surgery. Without it—Tresor’s vision would continue to deteriorate. Larissa feared for her son’s future. She had to find help quickly.

A vision of Mercy

After learning about Mercy Ships from one of Tresor’s teachers, Larissa brought him to a screening. Soon they were boarding the Africa Mercy for pediatric eye surgery.

Because Tresor was young and in the early stage of his blindness, it only took a 20-minute surgery to remove the cloudy cataracts and restore his sight.

Shortly after his surgery, Tresor sat on his Mother’s lap squeezing his eyes shut tight. The patches had been removed, but he refused to open his eyes. Larissa gently coaxed him. Finally, he opened his eyes and a big smile filled his face. Then, he reached for the toy car in front of him.

Tresor could see again.

“Before the surgery, I was really scared because I wondered how his eyes would look — will they be normal? What will happen? Will he see again?” Larissa said. “But afterwards, he could see colors and toys and I knew everything would be okay.”

The precious gift of sight

Tresor quickly returned to the boy he once was. In weeks, he was back at school—learning and playing with friends.

“It’s my joy because I want him to be successful and to be able to do better than I did,” recalls Larissa with a smile. “Now, I’m full of joy and comfort, and grateful that Mercy Ships came and gave healing to my child. I’m so happy.”

A Straighter Path for Esther

Esther was a beautiful, healthy baby, who delighted everyone.

But she was born into poverty. Because of this, she didn’t get enough of the right nutrients during the first 18 months of her life. So, she developed rickets, a vitamin deficiency that caused her legs to soften and bend incorrectly under pressure.