meet David

Country: Benin
Age: 3
Surgery: Orthopedic

When he was born with this condition, David’s mother and father were assured by the hospital their baby would be fine. But each year his legs grew worse. It was painful for him to learn to walk. He couldn’t play like other children. David’s mother Claudine, shielded him from hurtful looks and comments in public. She knew his life would always be painful physically and emotionally without surgery, so she prayed for help. With no money for doctors, David’s future seemed bleak.


repairing body and soul

When David’s family learned that Mercy Ships was coming to Benin they were filled with hope. The chance to get free surgery from doctors who specialize in orthopedic surgery was the answer to their prayers.

Thanks to caring donors like you and our dedicated team of volunteer surgeons and nurses, David got the surgery and rehabilitation he needed. Today, his legs are straight. He can walk and play like any other child. Before long, this sweet, mischievous boy will be able to go to school, find work, have a family and live the life of his dreams.

“daddy will find a way to fix it.”

Rajo was born with a painful club foot. Walking was difficult and he couldn’t run and play with other children. He would often ask his father, Tojo: “Please, Daddy, arrange my feet.” It was a request that broke Tojo’s heart because he knew he could never earn enough money for the surgery that his son desperately needed.