meet Edith

Country: Cameroon
Age: 12
Surgery: Maxillofacial

Hope shines a light

Valerie couldn’t bear the thought that her daughter might face the same hateful words and taunts she’d always lived with. So, she searched for help.

“When I heard about Mercy Ships, I was given something I didn’t have before,” recalled Valerie. “Hope.”


First, Valerie came to the Africa Mercy where our volunteer surgeons carefully removed her tumor.

When she returned home, Edith was excited to see her mother, and was elated to know there was hope that her tumor could be removed, too.

“When I saw my mother for the first time, I was so happy,” shared Edith. “She is beautiful.”

Edith’s bright new future

Soon, Edith went through a surgery similar to her mother’s.

Today, Edith is also tumor-free. Now, she can fearlessly work to fulfill her dream of becoming a math teacher. And someday, have the family and children she’s always wanted.

Ernest’s life renewed

For ten years, Ernest watched a tumor grow on his jaw. The larger it grew the more he hid from the world, his neighbors and even his family. Ernest was told there was no cure for his large tumor, he became more and more hopeless. “I was making everyone uncomfortable, so I would just stay home in bed all day, alone with my suicidal thoughts,” said Ernest.

Then, Ernest learned that Mercy Ships was nearby and that he might be able to get free surgery to remove his tumor. With nothing to lose, Ernest hid is face in some cloth, said goodbye to his wife and son, and started out alone on the two-day journey.