meet Cecilia

Country: Cameroon
Age: 3
Surgery: Orthopedic

an answered prayer

Emmanuel brought his little girl to our hospital ship. He hoped that when they returned home, Cecilia’s knock-knee would be repaired. And her life would be, too.

Onboard the Africa Mercy, father and daughter rejoiced when they learned that our volunteer surgeons could help. When the day came, the operation they waited so long for took only about an hour.


Cecilia was delighted. And the day she took her first steps with her miniature walker, her father was overjoyed.

“I’m so thankful for Mercy Ships coming to serve my people, who are in need,” says Emmanuel.

step into Cecilia’s future

Now, thanks to friends like you, Cecilia’s future is as bright as her smile.

“My dream for her is to grow up and become a doctor, so she can change people’s lives,” Emmanuel says. “Just like the doctors here have changed hers.”

That’s our hope for her, too.

Ernest’s life renewed

For ten years, Ernest watched a tumor grow on his jaw. The larger it grew the more he hid from the world, his neighbors and even his family. Ernest was told there was no cure for his large tumor, he became more and more hopeless. “I was making everyone uncomfortable, so I would just stay home in bed all day, alone with my suicidal thoughts,” said Ernest.

Then, Ernest learned that Mercy Ships was nearby and that he might be able to get free surgery to remove his tumor. With nothing to lose, Ernest hid is face in some cloth, said goodbye to his wife and son, and started out alone on the two-day journey.