meet Djazim

Country: Benin
Age: 5 years
Surgery: Orthopedic

young life restored

Djazim’s parents began to look for help. They met the Mercy Ships screening team that was traveling throughout Benin in search of patients. Djazim received an appointment for surgery.

Djazim made it through his operation with flying colors.

Djazim on a hospitable bed
Djazim after surgery

After months of rehab, the spirited young boy was strong enough to return home and began to act like himself again. After a full recovery, Djazim’s legs were straight and strong enough to run, take part in neighborhood games, and to go to school.

Onboard the Africa Mercy, Djazim received life-changing nutrition, care, and physical and emotional healing. Caring staff even taught him a new song.

“When he starts to hum, everyone starts laughing,” Djazim’s mother says. “They ask him where he learned the song, and he tells them, ‘The ship!’”

“I would wonder, ‘Why me?'”

When Julienne was just a baby, her mother noticed her legs were growing bent in an awkward way. She was diagnosed with Genu Varum–bowed legs.

As Julienne grew up, her legs kept bowing farther and farther out.

Walking was difficult, running impossible and standing was even hard. People often mocked her or called her a witch. Julienne felt rejected and ashamed. She grew isolated.