meet Cyriane

Country: Madagascar, Africa
Age: 4
Surgery: Orthopedic

Cyriane will never forget how you changed her life

One day Emiliana learned of Mercy Ships and knew it was the only option she had to heal Cyriane’s twisted limbs. They made the journey to our hospital ship and once there, Cyriane received surgery to repair her feet.

She also received physical therapy from a Mercy Ships Volunteer Therapist, Michelle Pullen, who was happy to bring her skills to Madagascar to help children like Cyriane learn to walk.

“I realized that I could take the skills I had learned and the gift that I’d been given and I could use it to help people all over the world,” Michelle says.




a wish comes true

Finally, Cyriane’s wish came true. She’s able to wear shoes and walk on straight feet like all the other children. Thank you for all you do to save and change the lives of children in need.