meet Rajo

Country: Madagascar, Africa
Age: 4
Surgery: Orthopedic

carrying his son’s burden

Rajo’s friends often rejected him and excluded him from activities because of his deformity, but somehow he maintained a friendly and happy-go-lucky attitude. Tojo asked other families for help, but he still couldn’t accumulate enough money to heal Rajo’s condition. He became more and more hopeless, even as he continued to tell Rajo “Daddy will find a way to fix it.”

Tojo got the chance after learning the Africa Mercy was coming to Madagascar. The next day he carried Rajo into our screening trying to make his son feel safe in his arms as he was looked at by strangers.



hope as bright as the madagascar sun

One surgery changed everything for this loving father and his son. After a series of castings, braces and therapy Rajo was soon walking like other children on perfectly normal feet. He was seen recently on the ship holding the hand of his dad…and Tojo’s grin was as bright as the Madagascan sun that smiled down on them. A relieved and happy Tojo says, “There was never, ever a happiness like what I have now happening in my life.”

a “dead man” lives

Around 36 years ago, a tumor began to consume Sambany’s life. It became a monstrous, unrelenting burden, weighing 16.45 lbs.—the size of two extra heads. Sometimes it felt “hot like fire.” Sambany said, “When walking, it’s too heavy. I have to hold it.”