meet Haingo

Country: Madagascar
Age: 7 months
Surgery: Palliative Care

your compassion brings help

Once aboard the Africa Mercy, our pediatric nurses began around-the-clock emergency nutrition for Haingo because she was dangerously underweight. Eventually she grew to 7.7 pounds and was strong enough to undergo the two operations needed to repair her cleft lip and cleft palate.

As Haingo came out of the first surgery, Viviaby gathered her baby in her arms. “She’s beautiful!” the tearful mother exclaimed.

the healing power of Mercy

Thanks to compassionate donors like you, Haingo’s palate is now repaired, and she is able to eat and drink normally. Now, she will grow, get stronger, and have the ability to speak clearly, too.

When Viviaby and Haingo returned to their village, family and friends could not believe their eyes. Haingo’s amazed 4-year-old brother even protested, “You exchanged my sister! That’s not my sister!”

“Nobody believed someone could help Haingo,” Viviaby shared. “Without Mercy Ships, Haingo would have died.”

“But my baby is healed!”

hope in sight

A tumor covered Mary’s left eye, billowing over half her face. It caused one side of her face to droop down, making Mary always look sad. Mary had endured years of her classmates’ taunting. “Bag face, bag face, bag face,” they always shouted.