meet Elvie

Country: Madagascar, Africa
Age: 2
Surgery: Orthopedic

helpless and heartbroken

As she began to grow and develop, Elvie’s clubfoot resisted realignment. Learning to walk was difficult, and the healthcare she needed simply wasn’t an option. There was no access to the surgery, casts and braces she would need to cure her condition.

Noeline felt helpless watching her daughter struggle. Her heart was breaking.

When Elvie turned two, Noeline’s pastor told her about Mercy Ships. “I was so happy,” she says. “I prayed to God and asked Him to be with us. We went to the screening center the very first day!”

Soon Noeline received an appointment card from Mercy Ships. Elvie would finally receive the care she needed.



stepping into a brighter future

Elvie, finally receive the treatment she needed–including a minor surgery, a series of casts and a brace for long-term recovery.

Today Elvie still wears her brace but walks proudly on two straight feet. She loves to dance and smile. “When I see her smile, it makes me so happy,” Noeline says. She has a new dream for her daughter – to become a doctor to give free healthcare to those who need it.

Restoring William

Constrained by his blindness, William stayed at home. At the age of three, his son Unida shouldered the responsibility of being his father’s eyes. The burdens placed on his wife and son overwhelmed William, who wanted to provide for his family and lead his home.