meet Julienne

Country: Cameroon
Age: 14
Surgery: Orthopedic

running out of hope

By the time she was 14, Julienne had almost given up on getting surgery to repair her painfully twisted legs. Extremely smart and wanting to teach, she spent afternoons tutoring young children. But they mocked and laughed at her every time she made her slow walk to the blackboard.

Each step hurt—both her legs and her feelings.

Then, Julienne and her mother learned Mercy Ships was coming. They heard about the free surgery that could transform her twisted limbs and mend her broken heart. When Julienne received a date for surgery it seemed too good to be true. “I wished I could tell people but I kept it quiet because I didn’t want people to laugh at me if it didn’t work.” said Julienne.

Soon they were onboard the Africa Mercy and Julienne underwent surgery.

Julienne in the hospital before surgery
Julienne using a walker

a real fighter

Months of healing and physical therapy followed. Many days were challenging, but Julienne found the strength take each painful step.

Over time, she grew stronger physically and emotionally. Julienne met others with her same condition, made friends with girls her age, and eventually felt confident enough to celebrate with other patients.

Julienne post surgery
Julienne standing outdoors post surgery

the gift of Mercy

Now, thanks to friends like you, Julienne has strong, straight legs.

She can finish school, become a teacher, have her own family, and live the full life she always dreamed of.

“I am so happy God has sent Mercy Ships,” said Julienne. “It shows me that God has a special love for me—I would have stayed like that for the rest of my life without Mercy Ships.”