meet Adama

Country: Guinea
Age: 30
Surgery: Eye Care

love at first sight

“I held my babies after they were born, and I couldn’t see their faces,” said Adama. “I thought this would last forever; that I would never know what they look like. I was very desperate. I didn’t have any hope.”

Adama’s blindness stretched on for almost a year. Her twins were six months old, their faces still a mystery to their mother, when her husband heard about Mercy Ships.

After Adama received free cataract surgery, Mercy Ships staff slowly removed her eye patch. Adama kept her eyes closed for a few seconds. Then she gradually blinked them open. A smile spread across her face.

Adama with a bandage on her eye
Adama receiving an eye exam

She reached for her twins, joyfully drinking in the details of their faces for the first time. Adama cradled them both in her arms at the same time, eyes dancing between the two.

“I never expected that my babies would be so beautiful,” she murmured.

“When I die and go to paradise…that’s what the moment was like.”

Mafoudiya after surgery

inside and out

Because of her cleft lip, some children in her village would ridicule Mafoudiya—even calling her cursed. Her poor mother worried the deformity would affect her daughter’s entire future. She could only hope and pray for a miracle.