meet Pierre

Country: Cameroon
Age: 4
Surgery: Orthopedic

Left out and hurting

Edwidge, Pierre’s mother, recalls the heartbreak she felt watching her son miss out on his childhood.

“I love my children so much that when they hurt, I hurt,” recalled Edwidge.

When Edwidge heard that our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, was docking in a nearby port, she felt hope for her son.

“For his age, Pierre was one of the worst cases [of windswept legs] I have seen,” said Stefanie Neeb, volunteer nurse.

At such a young age, his condition had already caused one of his knee caps to dislocate. If Pierre had gone any longer without help, he may have completely lost his ability to walk.

Pierre in the hospital post surgery
Pierre using a walker

One surgery. An entirely new life.

Our dedicated doctors performed the orthopedic surgery Pierre needed to repair his legs. And during his months of rehabilitation, he never lost his bright smile or fighting spirit.

Edwidge knows the surgery was the best thing to happen to her son. Now, she cherishes the moments she can watch him play with the other children.

Thanks to generous donors like you, Pierre has a new, healthy future ahead of him. But there are thousands of people waiting for help from Mercy Ships. Your gift today can help us reach even more patients in need of life-changing surgery.

Pierre standing after with repaired legs
Pierre in a group photo with Mercy Ships team members

meet Salamatou and Mariama

There is no question that the views from Mount Manengouba in Cameroon are beautiful. However, for sisters Salamatou and Mariama, those sights were the only ones they had ever seen. Both suffering with crippling deformities, they had never left the village where they were born.