Everyone loves a good comeback story. We love to see the impossible made possible from athletes falling behind and coming back to win or the unlikely person beating the odds.

At Mercy Ships, we see patients make a comeback every time they walk down the gangway after a successful surgery. Where once lives seemed hopeless, limited, and lonely — life-transforming surgery allows many to make a comeback and start life again.

The Easter Story

But perhaps the most extraordinary comeback story of all time is of a man who lived a good life and helped others. Yet He was hunted down by a few, falsely accused, and murdered. Comeback story? That sounds more like a tragic story. But His death was not the end.

After only three days, the most miraculous thing happened. The most unimaginable, unfathomable, and impossible thing — He breathed again.

You might know who I’m talking about — Jesus, the comeback author! He returned to life after death, victorious over the grave. Although He told his followers that He would return only three days after His death, they didn’t understand.

Some of His followers went to His tomb filled with grief to pray and weep. But they found the tomb open and empty! Their shock and horror, thinking someone had stolen the body, was met with disbelief as He was standing next to them, fully alive!

Jesus made the ultimate comeback! He sacrificed his life so that all of humanity could be set free. Free from the guilt and shame of our mistakes and failures and have our own comeback story!

Jesus’ comeback story compels us every day at Mercy Ships. Because Jesus is alive and doing miracles in our own lives, we are able to extend that love and miraculous hope to others.

The Power of Transformation

Many have been impacted by this hope and healing. Those like Adama, who once was blind and unable to see the beautiful faces of her twin babies. But after her surgery, she is now able to see and enjoy her children. Sokhna, lived with a cleft lip into her adult life until free surgery made her comeback possible.

Or Mouhamed, who found a tumor forming in his mouth at just 11 years old. The tumor continued to grow and began to take over his face, threatening to restrict airways and potentially take his life. But the arrival of the Africa Mercy in his country offered him the surgery to remove his tumor and empower him to have a comeback.

“We were once hopeless, living a nightmare, and now our lives have changed,” Mouhamed’s father shared after surgery.

Every patient that walks up a gangway of one of our ships is one step closer to their comeback. Their burdens of tumors, burn contractures, twisted legs, and other maladies will not have the final word in their life — just as death did not have the final word over Jesus.