How Millennials Can Help Bring Hope and Healing to Those in Need

What do a group of people who are passionate about improving the world around them and a group of people who tend to wear skinny jeans and drink cold press coffee have in common? They are familiar with the label “millennial.” The generation born between 1981 and 1996, has often been mislabeled as lazy or indifferent to the world around them however, nothing could be further from the truth.

“…I can confidently say this generation is on its way to becoming the most change-making generation in our country’s history,” said Derrick Feldmann, founder of the Millennial Impact Project.

According to the ten years of research by The Millennial Impact Report, millennials believe in activism and that they themselves should be a part of that change. This particular generation tends to care more about the issues, such as the lack of access to safe surgery that five billion people have around the world, rather than institutions or partisan politicking.

Millennials are a relational generation, interested in promoting change in a world that they view as broken. As such, once they find an organization, job, or community they feel is the right fit, they will inevitably strive to do their part within it.


How Can Millennials Get Involved With Mercy Ships


Raised between the worlds of paper and smartphones, this generation is often more likely to use the technology available to them rather than relying on the methods of past generations. Before, access to information took longer to process but with a computer in most people’s pockets, and the connectivity brought about by the internet and social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, it is easier than ever to connect with the world.

Thanks to this technology, people can follow the stories of the many patients that find healing onboard the Africa Mercy with a click of a button and can be a part of that journey on the same webpage. A single donation helps provide free surgeries for people living in the world’s poorest regions like Senegal — the country we are currently serving in.

And every gift multiplies in impact — thanks to our dedicated medical volunteers who donate their time and pay their way — and because we have received donations from generous corporate partners. Every gift given, increases in impact, which means more lives healed, more lives restored, more lives saved.


With ages ranging from 23 to 38 according to the Pew Research Center, this generation is quickly becoming the largest demographic in the American workforce, with the expectation that more millennials will be working by 2020 than any other generation.

For the men and women of this generation, careers are no longer a job to make ends meet. Rather, many millennials are invested in finding work that matters to them, often looking for opportunities to combine their beliefs and career path to impact the world positively.

Many Mercy Ships volunteers from around the world fall into the category of “millennial,” dedicating their time to joining a community unlike any other. There are nearly 400 volunteers living onboard the Africa Mercy during our field services, with careers ranging from teaching to nursing to cosmetology. Many people who find themselves early in their career find that volunteering onboard the hospital ship is a great way to expand their skill sets and resumes all while giving back to those in need.


While some millennials may not be able to dedicate their time or finances to a mission at this point in their life, everyone is capable of prayer. Our mission of providing safe surgical care and medical capacity training to those in sub-Saharan Africa is only possible by the support of those we partner with.

Every field service is filled with exciting victories and challenges! From safety in travels for the volunteers heading to the ship, to success in the operating room, prayer is a vital part of our organization. Without the prayerful support of our partners, our hopes of providing hope and healing to those who need it most would never leave our shore.


The millennial generation covers nearly 15 years from young college graduates to people nearing their 40’s. Within that generation, there is an abundance of generosity and passion for those in need, and whether it’s through prayer, giving, or serving, there are many avenues for making an impact in the world — one patient at a time.