We are so very thankful for our generous partners whose support is vital to completing our mission of bringing hope and healing to the forgotten poor. Our partners do more than just help provide much-needed surgeries — they quite literally change lives, those like 6-year old Satou.

For young Satou, the ability to find healing was instrumental in renewing her confidence and bringing a smile to her young face. When people looked at Satou, they seemed to only see the windswept legs that caused her to fall behind everyone else. Constantly teased and belittled, Satou’s strong, vibrant personality began to whittle down into constant sadness.

“In our society, people assumed (she suffered from) witchcraft or disease, and they excluded her,” Satou’s mother, Khady, said. “I was worried about my daughter and wished that she could be like the other children in the village.”

Satou’s family searched for some way of helping the young girl, even visiting a local traditional healer, in hopes that something could be done for her. Unfortunately, none of the traditional remedies helped with her condition, and her family began to lose heart. BUT, thanks to the generosity of our many partners Khady and her daughter were able to find hope in a time where they believed there was none.

“I have not dared to even dream that it was possible my daughter’s legs could be straightened,” Khady said. “It feels as though the doors of heaven were being opened for her.”

It is kindness in action that changes the lives of children like Satou. The opportunity to receive surgery with Mercy Ships means more than just a medical procedure — it means a chance for a brighter future!

When Satou was admitted to the hospital, it marked the beginning of a new chapter — one of physical and spiritual healing — in her life. In the hospital, and later in the Hospital Outpatient Extension (HOPE) Center, she was accepted and loved by the volunteers and other patients. She was able to play with many other children who, just like her, had been outcast because of a physical disability outside of their control. She was in a community and surrounded by friends — to play with, encourage, and laugh with.

“I thought, how is it possible for people to have the ability to straighten legs that are crossed… it was magical,” Khady said. “I believe that Satou will now have an easier life — one that will be full and successful!”

We look forward to seeing more lives like Satou’s changed in the future, but we can’t do it without the generous support of friends like you.

Our partners support helps correct everything from cataracts to malformed legs and restores the lives of children and families. We are so thankful for their generosity which provides children and families the opportunity to not only receive safe, life-changing surgery but the loving support and care we work to provide to all those we come to serve.

True impact starts by saving one life and continues with changing a generation. We hope you will continue to join us in this important work together.

There are many ways to help transform lives. Learn how you can join us on our mission of bringing hope and healing by visiting www.mercyships.org/get-involved/ways-to-give/.