Welcome Aboard.

If you’ve received your offer letter and are wondering what to do next – you’ve come to the right place!

View or download the information you need by clicking here:


We also have brief, country-specific guidebooks available:


Or, if you’re joining us only during the time we are in the Canary Islands for our shipyard period, you’ll want to look at this one:



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Accessing the Mercy Ships Intranet and email

After you have received your offer letter, you will be tasked a Staff Confidentiality Agreement (via the Task Center in your online application portal) to sign and submit online. After you do, we will email you a Mercy Ships account username and password to access internal information on Navigator (Mercy Ships Global Intranet) and your Mercy Ships email account.

Once connected, access helpful resources by clicking here.
If you have any technical difficulties, contact the Mercy Ships Help Desk at: [email protected] or 903-939-7000.

Training programs

Mercy Ships provides three different programs designed to help acclimate you to life onboard our ships, On Boarding, Foundations of Mercy Ships, and Introduction to Mercy Ships.

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What to expect

Here you’ll find out what happens when you first show up, the ship’s amenities, code of conduct, and what life is like onboard.

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What to bring

What you should bring aboard, what you can get on board, and what immunizations you need before you join us.

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Crew development and tenure

Your length of commitment impacts the benefits you can build—and your development into a better leader.

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Crew fees

Every Mercy Ships volunteer pays their own way. Find out how crew fees are determined, what they cover, how to process funds and more.

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Health Insurance

Mercy Ships requires all crew to have adequate health insurance during your time with us. Here you’ll find everything you need to get proper coverage.

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Travel information

Cleared to purchase your flights? Check here for information on travel agents and other important travel details.

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