Mercy Ships has historically used two main crew categories, Long Term and Short Term. While the length of service and requirements for joining each category has changed over the years, we have kept with this basic structure which set crew fees, PTO, etc. for each person.

Mercy Ships now uses a tiered Position Commitment structure which would encourage tenure through retention benefits and develop career paths. We therefore changed to a more clearly defined 4 level structure based on commitment. Each position has a clearly defined minimum and maximum length which in turn translate to a commitment level with the requirements and benefits that go along with it. See Position Commitment Structure tables below.

Length of commitment and staff development

Mercy Ships has reviewed each position and set a minimum and maximum commitment for each position. Having a maximum commitment helps set clear expectations from the very beginning and will set the foundation for proactive discussions about career development with those who show potential both within their professional realm and within the social dynamics of the community.

When crew know that we are interested in helping them develop into better leaders, it gives them a longer-term focus and commitment to Mercy Ships. Within the Position Commitment system, there is a simple process for tenure extensions to facilitate retention of key individuals.

Retention benefits

Each Position Commitment level has corresponding retention benefits (See tables below). These include the following:

  • Personal Time Off (PTO)
  • Crew Fee Discounts
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Re-Entry Savings Account
  • Subsidized Travel

More information regarding the details of these benefits will be discussed once you arrive on board.