Please do not purchase your flights until you have been financially cleared by our FinACE department or instructed to do so by your Placement Facilitator.

Important note:
Mercy Ships Airline Ticket Refund policy

Due to the need to remain flexible in our ship’s schedule, we strongly recommend that all crew purchase changeable and/or refundable tickets and/or travel insurance.

As such, Mercy Ships will not offer refunds or financial assistance with extra costs incurred for changing or cancelling airlines tickets, due to a change to the ship’s schedule.


Listed below are several Travel Agencies that Mercy Ships recommends; many offer humanitarian discounts. If you require a letter of proof that you are coming on a humanitarian trip, please use your acceptance letter or contact Human Resources.


We have several corporate airline accounts which allow the individual flying to earn their own air miles while Mercy Ships earns points at the same time, which we use to cut the cost of some of our corporate air travel.
Mercy Ships corporate airline numbers:

  • DELTA, KLM & AIR FRANCE : US0011878


The Africa Mercy will be docked in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain from approximately mid-June until early August 2017 while undergoing maintenance.


All crew should fly in and out of the International Airport in Gran Canaria, Spain: Gran Canaria Airport.

Airport codes: IATA: LPA / ICAO: GCLP

Please try to book flights with arrivals and departures between 0700 and 2300.

Please note: If you are flying into the Canary Islands on a one-way ticket, you will need a letter from Mercy Ships confirming that you are joining the Africa Mercy as crew and you are planning to leave the country onboard the vessel. If you do not have this letter as proof of future departure from the Canary Islands, the airlines may refuse to allow you to fly as Immigration could refuse you entry upon arrival. To obtain a one-way ticket letter, please contact your Placement Facilitator. Most can enter Spain without a visa. Mercy Ships can provide a letter of support to volunteers requiring visas for entry into Spain, but it is the responsibility of the volunteer to complete the appropriate visa application, etc. Please check here to see if you need a traditional visa or if you are exempt.



The Africa Mercy will be docked in Douala, Cameroon from approximately mid-August 2017 until early June 2018.


All crew should fly in and out of the international airport in Douala, Cameroon: Douala International Airport.

Airport codes: IATA: DLA / ICAO: FKKD

Our preferred airline is Brussels (Lufthansa) Airlines. Mercy Ships has secured a partnership with Brussels Airlines and partners which will give you substantial advantages for your flights to Cameroon. Our agreement is applicable to volunteers, companions, and visitors.

Brussels Airlines Travel Services

However, there are other airlines that may be used as long as they arrive/depart in and out of Douala between 0800 – 0000 (midnight).

Please DO NOT use Royal Air Maroc or any other airline that does not arrive or depart within the stated hours. Flights purchased which arrive/depart outside of this time will need to be re-booked at your own expense.


Mercy Ships has an agreement with the governments of Cameroon which allows our crew to enter the countries without a visa (on a visa-waiver). However, we are required to submit your travel details to immigration a minimum of four weeks prior to your travel date. Therefore, once we receive your travel details (on the Pre-Arrival form), we will request your visa waiver letter from the government and then send it to you via e-mail (typically one to two weeks before your scheduled travel date).

You will need to carry this letter with you to show the airline/ticket agent at the airport upon your departure, and to immigration authorities in Cameroon upon your arrival.

It is not customary for airline & boarding agents to work with Visa Waivers and therefore you may be questioned about the validity of the letter and its purpose. Typically, this can be resolved by asking to speak to their supervisor and explaining the situation to them. (If needed, feel free to contact the Purser on board or the HR department at the International Support Center in Texas). We would encourage you to arrive at the airport early and carry the phone numbers (listed below) with you in case you have any problems.

Please note: Once your commitment with Mercy Ships is finished, any visa agreements that enabled you to enter the country under the Mercy Ships visa waiver are also terminated. That means that legally once you have concluded your commitment with Mercy Ships you must leave the country unless you have your own visa that allows you to stay. If you plan on staying in the host nation after your service with us, you will need to obtain a visitor visa for Cameroon in your own country BEFORE joining Mercy Ships.


Africa Mercy +1 (954) 538-6110 US
ISC HR +1(903) 939-7045 us (the desk is manned 0800 – 1600 CST, Monday through Friday)