MERCY SHIPS is a global, faith-based charity dedicated to serving the medical needs of the world’s forgotten poor by following the model of Jesus. We welcome all those who identify with our charitable mission and are committed to contribute their service in that manner. For those wishing to apply, it is important that you understand how we carry out our charitable mission so that you know what to expect in serving with us.

At the core of our charitable organization is our Community of Faith. It is comprised of dedicated, long-term volunteer crew members from various Christian traditions and cultural backgrounds from around the world. Each ascribes to the Apostle’s Creed and commits to follow the model of Jesus by living and working together to serve all who are in need regardless of religious, ethnic, or cultural background.

In addition, crew members also include shorter-term volunteers who may choose not to join our Community of Faith. Some volunteers may have no religious affiliation but strongly identify with the Mercy Ships charitable mission, and desire to contribute their skills and expertise in service to others. Whether or not a part of our Community of Faith, all crew members support our Mission, Vision and Core Values and are expected to comply with our Code of Conduct.

Each crew member is encouraged to maintain their own spiritual health as a member of our Mercy Ships crew.  Various opportunities and pastoral support services are available to help crew members develop in their understanding of the mission and its context and enhance them in their work on board, their social interactions, and in their spiritual life.

Being a Mercy Ship crew member is truly a unique experience. No matter how long crew members may serve with us, we are all committed to learn and grow as we work together to enhance the lives of the disadvantaged people we serve.