Crew Fees




Crew fees help cover operational expenses onboard so we can maximise the impact of donations by putting 75% directly into programmatic expenses, like the cost of surgery for a patient who needs it.

Crew fees are paid monthly with a base of USD $400.


Discounts are given to crew who:

  • Make longer commitments
  • Have completed the On Boarding training program previously
  • Those from Tier II countries (countries with an average income of lower than 25K annually)

Crew Fee Chart

Note: Crew fees are paid by every adult crew member.
1 & 22 weeks to 12 months$400$200
3 & 412+ months$200$200
Any nation not in this list is considered Tier II.
EuropeAsiaAmericas / Africa / South Pacific
DenmarkNetherlandsHong KongNew Zealand
FinlandSan MarinoJapanUnited States
ItalySwitzerlandSouth Korea
LithuaniaUnited KingdomTaiwan
United Arab Emirates

Who pays crew fees?

Every adult crewmember is required to pay crew fees. Minors (ages 0-18) onboard with their families are not charged crew fees.

How often do crew fees change?

We are committed to keeping crew fees as low as possible, but crew can expect fees to increase 2-5% each year.

Crew Fee Chart

Budgets & Fundraising

Are you trying to wrap your head around budgeting, crew fees, and fundraising? We have a special team dedicated to helping you sort through these details.

The goal of our FinACE team (Financial Accountability, Coaching, and Encouragement team) is to ensure each volunteer is financially prepared for their service onboard. If you have any questions as you think through volunteering, or if you’ve already applied – FinACE is here to help. Click here to get in touch by email.

Processing Donations Through Mercy Ships

Once you’ve applied and have received your offer letter to join, you can elect to process donations through Mercy Ships. We would then assign you a special code to give your donors, ensuring gifts made for you through Mercy Ships are tax-deductible.

Processing Crew Fees

If your commitment is three months or less, your crew fees are due in one sum once you arrive onboard. Otherwise, fees are paid at the beginning of each month and can be paid by credit card, personal check, or transfer from your Crew Bank account.