Provided Surgical Procedures


Provided Surgical


A lack of access to safe, surgical care kills more people every year than HIV/AIDs, TB, and Malaria combined. With this overwhelming statistic in mind, Mercy Ships began sailing on our mission to provide hope and healing to the world’s forgotten poor in 1978. Each year, we’ve been able to reach more people to provide life-changing surgeries. Every port brings new challenges, new successes — and new lives transformed forever.

View the chart below for a detailed list of the surgical procedures we currently provide.

Provided Procedures

GENERAL SURGERIESHydrocele Repair (in combination with inguinal hernia)RECONSTRUCTIVE PLASTICS(Noma) Facial Reconstruction
Unilateral & Bilateral Hernia Repair with / without MeshRepair Unhealed Facial Wounds (non-infectious)
Umbillical Hernia Repair with / without MeshRepair & Grafting of Tendon Injuries Upper & Lower Limbs
Incisional Hernia Repair with / without MeshPeripheral Nerve Repair & Grafting (upper & lower limbs or face)
OrchidopexyBurn Contracture Release / Rectonstruction
Benign Tumor ExcisionPost-Burn & Electrical Injuries
Lipoma ExcisionFacial Soft Tissue Reconstruction with Flap / Suspension
Thyroidectomy Unilateral Lobectomy or CompleteHaemangioma, Lymphangioma, & Cystic Hyroma
PAEDIATRIC SURGERIESResection of Soft Tissue TumorsNeurofibroma Debulking / Excision
Hydrocele RepairCleft Lip
Inguinal Hernia Repair (Unilateral or Bilateral)Other Facial Clefts
Umbillical Hernia Repair (Large)Stump REvision
Ventral Hernia Repair +/- mesh (Special Pediatric Mesh UsedAmputation - Upper & Lower Limbs
OrchidopexySoft Tissue Repair / Reconstruction / Z-Plasty
Repair of Anorectal AnomaliesBenign Tumor / Lesion Excision
Resection of Sacrococcygeal Tumors (teratoma)Malignant Tumor / Lesion Excision Skin
Resection / Sclerosis of Lymphatic MalformationPremalignant Lesions
Resection of Paediatric Thyroid MassesBasal Cell Carcinoma
Sistrunk Procedure for Thyroglossal DuctSquamous Cell Carcinoma
Branchial Cleft AnomaliesOther Malignant Skin Tumors
CircumcisionEar Repair / Reconstruction
Myotomy for Esophageal AchalasiaEyelid Repair / Reconstruction
Paediatric (non-neonatal) Diaphragmatic HerniaFlexor / Extensor Tendon Injury & Reconstruction
Resection of Ovarian MassesScar Release / Excision (large keloids only)
OPHTHALMICChalazion ExcisionGraft, Skin Split / Full Thickness or Bon Graft
Entropion RepairReconstruction with Bone Plate / Implants
Ectropion RepairPolydactyly & Syndactyly Correction
Repair of Lid LacerationCorrection of Duplication of Digits Upper & Lower Extremity
TarsoraphyCongenital Abnormalities of the Hands & Feet (excluding club feet(
Excision Conjunciival LesionHypo - and Epispadias
Pterygium ExcisionPlacement of Tissue Expander
Conjunctival Free GraftFoot Reconstruction (associated with burn contracture release)
Suture Corneal LacerationHand & Upper Limb Reconstruction (associate with burn contracture release)
Excision of Band KeratopathyDupuytrens Disease (contracture)
SphincterotomySoft Tissue Masses - Head & Neck, Upper & Lower Limbs & Torso (all soft tissue tumors of the body)
Excision Prolapsed IrisLower Leg Ulcers with Specific Criteria: Age <40; History of Trauma or Infection, but no Hypertension, Diabetes or Varicose Veins
Suture Repair of Iridodialysis / Key Hole PupilLymphedema of Lower Legs
Iridectomy / IridotomyWOMEN'S HEALTH
(Obstetric Fistula & Gynaecology)
Suture Scleral LacerationVVF (Vesico Vaginal Fistula) Repair
Repositioning Prolapsed Iris Post OPUVF (Urethra Vaginal Fistula) Repair
Intracapsular Cataract ExtractionRVF (Recto Vaginal Fistula) Repair
Phacoemulsification Cataract ExtractionRe-Implantation of Ureters via Vaginal or Abdominal Approach
Manual Small Incision Cataract SurgeryPV (Pubo Vaginal) SLing
Cataract Extraction NECUrethral Dilation
I&A Removal of Congenital CataractSingapore Flap
Pars Plana VitrectomyGracilis Muscle Flap
Primary Posterior CapsulotomyOther VVF Related Surgery
Insertion of IOL at Cataract ExtractionAnterior / Posterior Colporrhaphy - Diagnosis: Cystocele & Rectocele
Secondary Insertion of IOLEnterocele Repair - Diagnosis: Enterocele
Implanted Lens ExtractionPerineoplasty
Repositioning Dislocated IOL Post OPBartholin Cystectomy / Marsupialization of Bartholin Cyst - Diagnosis: Bartholin Cyst
Anterior Vitreous Excision PEDS Congenital Cataract VItrectomyRemoval Bladder Stone - Diagnosis: Bladder Stone
Mechanical VitrectomyRepair Vaginal Stenosis - Diagnosis: Vaginal Stenosis
One Extraocular Muscle ResectionLabial Separation, Surgical - Diagnosis: Labial Fusion
Removal Penetrating Foreign Body To EyeVulvar / Vaginal: Lesion / Cyst Removal - Diagnosis: Vulvur / Vaginal Cyst
Evisceration with SYN ImplantationHymenectomy - Diagnosis: Persistent Intact Hymen
Enucleation with ImplantPolypectomy - Diagnosis: Cervical / Vaginal Polyp
Enucleation with No ImplantRepair 3rd & 4th Degree Anal Laceration - Diagnosis: 3rd & 4th Degree & Laceration
ExenterationOvarian Cystectomy
Repair Eyeball RuptureVaginal Vault Suspension - Diagnosis: Vaginal Vault Prolapse
Removal of Superficial Foreign Body EyeTotal Vanigal Husterectomy (TVH) / Total Abdominal Hysterectomy (TAH)+/-(BSO - Bilateral Salpingoopherectomy) - Diagnosis: Menorrhagia (Bleeding), Leiomyomata Uteri Fibroids), & Uterine Prolapse
PAEDIATRIC ORTHOPAEDICSTendo Achilles / Manstring Lengthening*NOTE: Surgeons must have previous fistula repair experience to come & serve as a fistula surgeon*
Tendon Transfers
Plantar Facia Release
Contracture Release
Amputation: Lower & Upper Extremity
Arthodesis & Epiphyodesis: Lower & Upper Limb
Repair of Malunion / Fracture of Upper (elbow to hand) / Lower Limb (knee to foot) - (Neglected Trauma in Children & Adults)
Osteotomy (femoral & tibial) for Correction of Valgus & Varus Deformities
Tumor Excision
Other Soft Tissue Excision
Sequestrectomy (removal of dead bone in currently non-infected tissue-i.e. old osteomyelitis only)
Guided Growth: 8 Plate Insertion & Removal (to be reviewed per Field Service)
Bone Graft

Provided Procedures