Nothing worth doing is easy

The lives you help save aren’t the only ones that will be changed. You will also be transformed. You will work hard, long hours. You will be pushed to your limits. Your heart will break with compassion for those you are serving. But it will be tremendously fulfilling every single day.

Volunteer Testimonials

Whether you’re performing surgery to remove a disfiguring tumor, cleaning the deck, or transporting a patient to a HOPE Center to recover—every day you’ll be making a difference in the lives of struggling people. Join our community of faith focused on serving “the least of these.” See all our available volunteer positions.

An adventure like no other

Volunteering with Mercy Ships allows you to live and work with people from all around the world. Living onboard, you’ll enjoy modern amenities as well as see the wonderful beauty and incredible warmth of the people of Africa.

Your personal space

Each cabin is designed to maximize space, and most have a private bathroom, small closet and desk area for each person. All cabins are connected to WiFi. If you’re a single crew member, you’ll bunk in a multi-berth cabin. A limited number of double-berth cabins are reserved for married couples (pictured) and families.

Tasty and healthy fare

Our Food Services department serves delicious and nutritious meals three times a day in the onboard dining room. There’s a snack bar and even a Starbucks Café on board. When the occasional craving for a homemade dish strikes, cook up whatever you like in the crew galley. Limited groceries can be purchased at local markets or from Pier 99, our onboard convenience store.

The comforts of home

Each ship is like a small city and includes anything you might need. There’s a laundry room, hair salon, bank, post office, weight room, internet café/WiFi, a lending library with movies and board games, a swimming pool, and even a clinic for crew medical and dental care.

Work hard, play hard

You can’t help but form deep and lasting friendships with the mosaic of talented people on board, and a spirit of community permeates the ship. And the moment you step foot on land, you’re in a whole new world. Relax on a beach, try local cuisine, explore a market, and even participate in a ministry at nearby orphanages, schools, or prisons.

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