Hudson Taylor once said,

God isn’t looking for people of great faith, but for individuals ready to follow Him.”

Taylor’s wise words resonate with many who are searching for direction and meaning for their life. In fact, Taylor’s testimony and his work as a missionary in China have encouraged countless others to follow in his steps of faithfulness and pursue their own calling to the mission field.

For many years, missionaries were those who chose to permanently leave their homelands to move themselves and their households to remote places in the world to share the gospel, encourage the people, and bring resources that were difficult to come by in some areas.

Overtime, the advancement of technology has changed the face of mission trips. As access to travel has expanded, so have those who are able to answer the call to missions. A mission trip today is seen as any extended time spent outside of your home, while intentionally sharing the gospel and providing services to those in need.

Mission trips can take many forms. Some examples include: work trips, where missionaries work to clean up and restore an area, usually one that’s been affected by a natural disaster; evangelical focused trips where missionaries spend their time connecting with their neighbors to share the gospel of Jesus; and medical missions where medical care is brought to remote areas.

Mercy Ships falls into many of these categories as a Christian, medical mission for those suffering from treatable and preventable conditions in sub-Saharan Africa. From surgical interventions occurring onboard our hospital ships to training and education within local hospitals, Mercy Ships volunteers work to bring hope and healing to those who need it most.

But this is possible thanks to our dedicated volunteers and compassionate partners. Because of these compassionate people, bodies have been healed, and hope restored. Much like the missionaries before them, many Mercy Ships volunteers have chosen to leave behind family, friends, and even most of their worldly possessions in pursuit of sharing the gift of healing.

Volunteer Filips Jansons who served as an electronics technician shared about his time with Mercy Ships saying,

“My understanding is that Jesus came to first heal you before He can administer to your spiritual needs. I think that’s the awesome thing about Mercy Ships: before anything else, we will take care of your physical needs. No matter what background you come from, you can leave here better than you came. People are loved, no matter what.”

Whether performing surgery to remove a disfiguring tumor, cleaning the deck, or transporting patients, our crew makes a difference every day in the lives of hurting people. We are currently looking for dedicated volunteers ready to serve on our two ships, the Africa Mercy and the Global Mercy, in many different professions including maritime, education, IT, automotive repair, and the medical field.

In order to bring hope and healing, we need thousands of volunteers every year — from all over the world, with diverse skill sets and backgrounds. You can join us for a mission like no other. Whether you volunteer for two weeks or two years, you will change lives forever.

Take the first step with us. We are here to help. Learn about the many opportunities for you to share your skills to bring hope and healing to others by visiting