Surgical Procedures

Transcending Borders. Changing Lives.

State-of-the-art floating hospitals enable our volunteer surgeons and medical professionals to provide lifesaving surgical procedures in a safe, sterile environment — with clean water, reliable electricity, and monitored care center. Together we are bringing hope and healing to places where it was previously out of reach.

Life-Changing Surgeries & More


Together we address surgical eye needs in places where preventable blindness is widespread.


Mercy Ships provides free corrective surgeries for many conditions children and adults suffer from globally.

Maxillofacial Surgeries

Mercy Ships works to heal cleft conditions and facial tumors where specialized surgery doesn’t exist.


Those suffering mental illness are often marginalized by their communities. Mercy Ships is there to help.


More than filling cavities, we work in communities to teach basic oral health education that changes lives.


We heal clubfeet and twisted limbs to help relieve the suffering of people who before had little to no access to surgery.


We follow the model of Jesus as we tenderly care for terminal patients and their grieving families. 


The Mercy Ships plastic surgery team provides relief from painful disfigurements through specialized surgical interventions.


Mercy Ships doctors, nurses and caring volunteers provide a holistic approach to women’s health issues and treatment.

The HOPE Center

When Mercy Ships arrives in port, screenings are organized throughout the country. Patients near the port can easily travel to the ship, but for others, reaching the ship is more difficult.

To reduce the need for multiple trips, Mercy Ships establishes a Hospital Out-Patient Extension (HOPE) Center to provide housing for patients and caregivers near the ship. After surgery, the HOPE center offers a safe, clean environment that promotes effective recovery while maintaining easy access to the ship for follow-up care.

The HOPE center also frees bed space in the ship’s hospital ward, so we can help more people at each port of call.