Mercy Ships has used hospital ships to bring hope and healing to those in need for over 40 years.

After more than 40 years of service in over 55 countries, Mercy Ships has covered plenty of ground in our time. Along the way, we’ve encountered truly amazing people, from the patients we serve and the participants we train, to the international volunteers who make up our crew. Now, as we embark on a new season with the launch of our new ship, the Global Mercy, we’re taking a closer look at how we’ve grown – and where we are now.


When we wave goodbye to our patients after their surgery and post-op healing is complete, you might think the journey ends there. But we love any opportunity to stay in touch with those we impact and cherish the chance to reconnect with their stories.

Marie Madeleine

Marie Madeleine struggled to walk due to her bowed legs. Today, after surgery with Mercy Ships, Marie Madeleine is able to stand tall.

Marie Madeleine never stopped believing in the importance of education. Even when her bending legs and limp made it difficult to walk, she kept making the trek to school every day.

“My hope is for her to be like every other girl with a backpack going to school,” shared her mother. “But we couldn’t afford surgery, so we just waited for a miracle.”

Marie Madeleine’s miracle happened in the form of surgery onboard the Africa Mercy, one of our hospital ships. Two years after her surgery, she’s walking better than she had in years! Many things have changed in this bright 14-year-old’s life, but one thing has remained the same – she still loves to learn!

“She is going to school and she says she wants to be a doctor!” says Marie Madeleine’s mother. “She wants to help people back like she was helped.”

Medical Professionals (Heroes of Healthcare)

During this season, we placed an increased emphasis on our medical capacity building programs. In addition to launching new projects, we connected with many inspiring forces from our past. Throughout the years, we’ve had the honor of partnering with many African professionals through our training and mentoring programs. These heroes of healthcare continually inspire us.

Dr. Abram Wodomé

Dr. Abram Wodomé trains medical professionals in Togo, helping to strengthen the healthcare system one person at a time.

Dr. Abram Wodomé’s history with Mercy Ships began in 2010, when he first came onboard the Africa Mercy to receive ophthalmic surgical mentoring. It wasn’t long before he became Togo’s leading ophthalmic surgeon. He has gone on to perform hundreds of free and low-cost surgeries each year with his own start-up NGO clinic, as well as partnering with Mercy Ships to lead a new training program. The training institute will equip more local surgeons with the skills they need to perform life-changing cataract surgeries in low-resource settings. His story with Mercy Ships continues to unfold with new developments all the time, so stay tuned for more on this incredible surgeon!

Dr. Odry Agbessi

Dr. Odry Agbessi was Benin’s first plastic reconstructive surgeon.

After being trained onboard the Africa Mercy for four months during our field service in Benin, Dr. Odry Agbessi went on to leave an incredible impact in her country. As Benin’s first and only plastic reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Agbessi is quite literally paving history. She transferred the skills she honed onboard to operating rooms in her own country, and today she stays busy passing that knowledge onto others. Five years after her training program, Dr. Agbessi continues partnering with us to deliver educational resources and training sessions in Benin on a regular basis. You can read her full story here!


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