official endorsements

Nelson Mandela

Former President
South Africa

" extraordinary group of people from around the world who exemplify a unique expression of compassion..."

George W. Bush

Former President

"For many years now, Mercy Ships has provided medical services for the poor throughout the world… I have every hope you will continue to reach more and more patients in the years beyond."

Desmond Tutu

Nobel Peace Laureate
South Africa

"I know I speak on the behalf of many, many millions of people when I say thank you very much to all of you for your dedication, for your caring…"

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Former President

"Mercy Ships has shown great compassion on the Liberian people. I wish to thank all the volunteers on the ship who come from all over the world for their sacrifice and the comfort they have given…"

Sir John Major

Former Prime Minister

"Mercy Ships exemplifies for me a spirit of compassion for those in need. I personally am proud that in a world in which selfishness and greed are so often presented as prime motivators, Mercy Ships stands as a living antidote to self-interest."

Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma

Sierra Leone

"…You (Mercy Ships) saw an opportunity to collaborate with us to restore hope and give a future to our people and to provide a resource center to restore our capacity."

Tony Blair

Former Prime Minister

"Their work goes beyond healing and comforting the sick … it provides a sense of hope that is badly needed in the places they work. I am delighted to give my support to Mercy Ships."

Jimmy Carter

Former President

"It gives me great pleasure to express my support for this visionary enterprise of hospital ships bringing hope and healing to some of the world’s most needy."

Mary Flake de Flores

Former First Lady

"The missions of Mercy Ships have been an example of hope, love and commitment. We have witnessed the purest form of compassion, giving without the slightest thought of compensation."

our partners

Mercy Ships is grateful for the investment and support of our corporate partners. Thanks to their generosity, every gift you make multiplies in impact to help provide care for more suffering people around the world.

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