Our Crew

Many Nations. One Mission.

Whether performing surgery to remove a disfiguring tumor, cleaning the deck, or transporting patients, our crew makes a difference in the lives of struggling people every day they serve.

A Worldwide Mission

More than 1,200 volunteers from over 60 nations serve with Mercy Ships each year.

From surgeons and medical staff to the captain, cooks, technicians, teachers, and more, our crew makes up a plethora of skills and specialties needed to make a difference in the countries we serve.

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Support Our Crew

Looking for someone volunteering with Mercy Ships? Find them here—and give your support for their unwavering commitment.

By sponsoring a volunteer crewmember today, you will become a valued partner — a Crewmate! As a Crewmate, you are helping make a lasting impact on the people of Africa. By supporting a crewmember, you are a part of bringing even more hope and healing to those in need. Your commitment to support this dedicated volunteer will help transform lives through life-changing surgeries and the continued training of local medical professionals in the countries we serve.