meet Dr Sherif Emil

Position: Volunteer Surgeon
Volunteer Service: 2 weeks recurring
Ship: The Africa Mercy

For most people the path to study medicine would not include a trip through engineering school but that’s exactly where Dr. Sherif began his career. After growing up in a family of doctors, Sherif thought he would like to try something different and carve his own path. He completed an undergraduate engineering degree before coming to the realization that he really did want to pursue medicine. “I like the personal aspect [of medicine], I like the interaction and I like the human aspect of it.”

That change in career path would lead him to specializing in pediatric surgical medicine in the United States and Canada and eventually would bring him to Mercy Ships. Dr. Sherif began preparations to visit the ship as a volunteer surgeon. Recently those plans came to fruition and he was able to experience the joy of serving in the operating theatre aboard the Africa Mercy.