meet Femi Adesanya

Position: Deck Rating
Volunteer Service: 4 years and ongoing
Ship: The Africa Mercy

Femi met some Mercy Shippers who shared about Mercy Ships mission of bringing hope and healing to the world’s forgotten poor. “It was hard for me to picture a ship, treating people but I began to look into it,” shares Femi. “I went on the internet and I looked at pictures of patients before and after and they were almost unbelievable for me. I couldn’t believe it was true.”

Femi decided to join the ship in Benin in 2009 as day crew and after serving two field services as day crew he decided that he was being called to the ship full time. Two years later and Femi has climbed the ranks from deckhand to deck rating working towards an able seafarer license and will soon be able to apply for an officer of the watch license. Femi has had the benefit of training sponsored by Mercy Ships, which he can use internationally should he decide to pursue a career as a sailor.