meet Heather Morehouse

Position: Ward Nurse
Volunteer Service: 4 months
Ship: The Africa Mercy

All it took was one blog and Heather Morehouse was hooked – hooked on an organization she only knew as Mercy Ships. At the time she was in college and studying nursing, a profession she wanted to be a part of since she was a little girl. Seeing the before and after pictures and the ability of Mercy Ships to meet a basic need touched Heather. “I was heartbroken to see what people live with,” she shares. “They don’t have access to help themselves and there is such despair that comes with that.”

Heather decided that she needed to be a part of the organization for seven weeks during its 2013-2014 field service in the Republic of Congo. She quickly realized that seven weeks wasn’t long enough. “My time in the Congo changed me; it changed what I wanted in life,” she shared. “I rented out my house, quit my job and came back.”