meet Jennifer Epp

Position: Senior Support Specialist
Volunteer Service: 2 years and 9 months
Ship: The Africa Mercy

The world of humanitarian work fascinated Jennifer but the effort of fundraising was an overwhelming task until God called her to serve aboard the Africa Mercy. Jennifer first heard about Mercy Ships during a fair at LeTourneau University where she was studying computer science engineering less than an hour away from Mercy Ships International Operations Center in Tyler, Texas. Seeing the before and after images pulled Jennifer into a world that she wanted to be a part of.

“Just seeing the transformations that happen was inspiring. One day there is a huge goiter or tumor and the next day they can function in society again. It’s not just a hand out.” Jennifer shares that what firmly sold her on Mercy Ships was its medical capacity building programs.  “I love mission trips and I love relief work.” Jennifer says that the experience of serving on the Africa Mercy has changed her in ways that she could not imagine but primarily she says that she understands poverty more.