Africa Mercy®

Until recently, the Africa Mercy was the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship — weighing a total of 16,572 tons.
Today, the title goes to our newest ship, the
Global Mercy.

A Remarkable Hospital Ship

Volunteers from over 50 nations have served onboard the Africa Mercy, which was acquired in 1999 and refurbished specifically for the Mercy Ships mission. It is the second largest non-governmental hospital ship in the world, effectively more than doubling the annual medical capacity of her predecessors.

Facilities & Features


State-of-the-Art Facilities

The hospital includes five operating theatres, recovery, intensive care, and low dependency wards—totaling 80 patient beds.

  • Onboard surgical capacity: ~7,000 interventions per year
  • Instruments of note: CT Scan, X-Ray, laboratory services, a Nikon Coolscope for remote diagnosis
  • Data transmission: Onboard satellite communication system transmits diagnoses and other data


Bringing Care to Local Communities

In addition to the surgeries performed onboard, ship-based teams serve in local villages providing a wide array of services to increase health and well-being which includes:

  • Dental clinics
  • Medical clinics
  • Community health education
  • Construction and agricultural training


Transporting Our Most Precious Cargo

The Africa Mercy has meeting and work spaces as well as berths for an average crew of 450. This includes 26 family cabins, 25 couples/2-berth cabins, and the balance consists of 1, 2, 3, and 4-berth cabins.


Safety and Security

  • Automatic sprinkler system located throughout accommodation and hospital areas
  • Smoke detector system pinpoints any fire’s exact location
  • CO2 gas-flooding system as well as a “Hi Fog” system controls localized machinery fires
  • 24-hour security guards, metal detector, and screening devices
  • Closed-circuit TV monitors. Critical spaces locked 24/7

Ship Specifications

Fleet Dates2007 - present
Crew Capacity474
Main Engine4 B&W (3120 kW each)
Gross Tonnage16,572
BuiltElsinore, Denmark 1980

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